Red Liquid Mercury Exporter

Wea re offering mercury,rnwe have available large quantities of silver liquid mercury, metallic liquid mercury, liquid white mercury, pure liquid mercury, red liquid mercury, virgin liquid mercury we are a manufacturer of silver mercury, exporter of pure liquid silver mercury made in austria we have for immediate supply - pure prime virgin mercury 99.99% purity which is the highest quality mercury metal in the world market today. We are in position to supply you the highest quality pure virgin mercury with details as below- re- prime virgin mercuryrnorigin - austriarnmolecular formula-hgrnpurity - 99.99%rnform - liquid metalrnprice - usd 500.00 per flask rnpackaging -packed in new steel flaskcylinder with 34.5 kg in each flask, then repack rnin wooden box. payment - tt 40% advance payment deposit, and 60% balance against shipping documentsrndelivery time- 15 - 21 days by sea and 5 days by air price are negotiable depending your order quantity.


Symbol Hg
Melting Point -38.83 °C
Atomic Number: 80
Atomic Mass 200.59 u ± 0.02 u
Boiling Point 356.7 °C
Electron configuration [Xe] 4f145d106s2

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